1st Board Meeting on 24 July 2017

24 Jul 2017 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Speaker: President Herman Ho

Organiser : Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK

Location : Fung Shing Restaurant

Agenda for 1st Board Meeting

1. Meeting called to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Report from President Herman Lo

a. Confirmation for dates of all monthly meetings- falls on Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. on 4th week of each month

b. Proposals:

Confirmation on quotation of maintenance fee of cub website

Online meeting though club website for 2nd monthly meeting

Change of club account authorized signatures

Confirmation of club plan and proposed amount of each project

4. Report from Treasurer Kenji Yuen

a. Treasurer Report for Rotary Year 2016-17

b. Treasurer Report for 2nd Annual Dinner cum Installation Ceremony

5. Report from Membership Chair CP Sally Ho

a. District Membership Seminar on 29 July 2017

b. Coming District New Member Orientation Seminars

c. Strategy on recruiting new members and maintaining existing members

6. Report from Club Admin President Herman Lo on behalf of Kenneth Wong


a. Purchase of club mini Rotary Bell

b. Purchase of 2 Sergeant At Arm Belts

c. Creation of club banner for service project use

d. Reservation of venue and menu for monthly meeting

7. Report from Service Project Chair Edith Tang

a. Community Service project organized with SRACP on 4 Nov 2017

“Staying Happy! Staying Healthy! - Happy Kitchen”

8. Report from Vocational Service Chair Sarah Ng

Community & Vocational Service Project with SRACP on 16 Sep 2017

“Staying Happy! Staying Healthy! - Happy Camp”

9. Report from International Service Chair Charles Hui

a. Joint Service Project : Recycling of Tees with RC of Quironi Manila Central in Philippines starting from August 2017

b. Joint Service Project: Staying Happy! Staying Healthy!- Soup Kitchen and Gift Giving in March 2018 with RC of Quirino Manila Central in Philippines

10. Report from Public Image Chair John Wong

Strategy and guidelines to build our club image

11. Report from Club Foundation Chair Maggie Ma

Maintain 100 % “Every Rotarian Every Year”

12. Any Other Matters & Date of Next Meeting

Next Meeting on 28 August 2017