Club Meetings

Club Meeting

August 2019

The International Convention

August 2019

Exchange of Rotary Club Banner

August 2019

District Governor & Roles of Assistant District Governor

August 2019

Club Board Meeting and July 2nd Meeting

July 2019

Rotary Tamar of Hong Kong 3rd Anniversary

February 2019

2018 October Regular Meeting

October 2018

2018 September Regular Meeting

September 2018

Joint District Governor’s Visit

March 2018

Joint Chinese New Year’s Gathering

February 2018

Joint Meeting

September 2017

What We Value & Five Avenue of Service in Rotary

July 2017

1st Board Meeting on 24 July 2017

July 2017

Making an induction more interesting

April 2017

Being a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member

March 2017

Rotary Youth

February 2017

President Report in Rotary Year 2015-16

June 2016

The Rotary International Convention

May 2016