9 Dec 2019

Date: 9 Dec 2019

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Venue: New Life Social Enterprise Restaurant


Annual General Meeting is for the election of club officers. 

Congratulations to PE Thomas Chan to be President 2020-21 &all Board of Directors as below. Wishing all of us have another fruitful & meaningful Rotary year.

Rotary 2020-21 Club Officers:

Immediate Past President-CP Sally Ho

President-Thomas Chan

Vice President- Kenji Yuen

Vice President- Ivan Hon

Vice President- Addy Fok

Club Secretary- PP Herman Lo

Club Treasurer- Kenji Yuen

Membership Chair-CP Sally Ho

Club Admin Chair-Athena Cheung

Foundation Chair- Sarah Ng

Service Project Chair-Addy Fok

Vocational Service Chair- Ivan Hon

International Service Chair- Marco Chan

Public Image Chair-Maggie Ma

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Congratulations to PE Thomas Chan to be President 2020-21 & all elected club officers. Let's work together to make a successful club continuously!

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Thanks all members for the dedication & passions to join Rotary.