Club Regular Online Meeting and Board Meeting

Topic: Club Regular Online Meeting and Board Meeting in August, 2020

Date: 10 August and 24 August 2020


We had online regular and Board meetings by using zoom both on 10 August 2020 and 24 August, 2020. Lots of items had been proposed by the President Thomas. Other than that, President Thomas had reported that our coming Community and Vocational service project: “Staying Healthy! Staying Happy- Healthy & Peace Online Kitchen” which is co-organized with The Society of Rehabilitation & Crime Prevention had started in the middle of August to recruit participants for cooking competition. We had provided 25 multi-functional rice cookers to the participants. The result of cooking competition will be finalized on 17 Oct 2020 and ceremony will be held on 31 Oct 2020. We also confirm to propose be the 100% Paul Harris Fellow club this Rotary year.

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